Products/Gift Baskets

Products/Gift Baskets

Let us help you select a custom gift basket for any occasion. We offer a variety of specialty food items and fresh foods.   We can customize gift baskets for any event and we will deliver that day! Our bereavement baskets can also be made with fresh products from our deli case and tailored to your specifications.

Ethereal Confections

Story of Ethereal’s Founders
Ethereal Confections is a young and very promising female-owned company located in Woodstock, IL, where the store front and production is located in the same building. All our confections are hand-made in Woodstock. Sara Ervin and Mary Ervin are the chocolatiers and business owners. They are sisters-in-law who have always been foodies and had a dream of starting a chocolate company and talked for quite a few years about doing it.  They studied chocolate-making and put their food knowledge together to think up some delicious chocolate concoctions.

The chocolatiers at Ethereal infuse our chocolates and confections with inspiration from around the world to create sometimes bold, sometimes subtle but always complex flavors.The best chocolate is pure and fresh. For that reason, we do not use preservatives in any of our confections, which would alter the flavor and texture of the chocolate.

Our Products
We specialize in making high-quality confections, including gourmet chocolate bars, barks, truffles and meltaways. We always have something new in the works and we make seasonal truffles.
Sara and Mary buy all their ingredients organic and local if possible. Most of our products are vegan (except for a few items that contain honey).

Health & Wellness
All of our products are also dairy free and gluten free — with absolutely no compromises on flavor. We realize how difficult it is for those with dietary restrictions to find confections that they can eat (especially ones that taste good!) and we want to ensure that our products can be enjoyed by as many people as possible. Our chocolate has a broad appeal for anyone who loves chocolate!Ingredients
A little bit about our ingredients. We source local and organic whenever possible. Our fruits and nuts come from suppliers who grow and produce everything themselves. We focus on fresh, organic, and in-season ingredients.
Our philosophy is simple. Organic, Local Ingredients. No Preservatives. Exquisite Flavors.
Blood Orange Meltaway Bar: Handcrafted dark chocolate filled with a one of a kind sweet, bright and creamy blood orange & vanilla bean center from naturally infused olive oil and vinegar.French Vanilla & Salted Almond Meltaway Bar: Handcrafted dark chocolate filled with a one of a kind sweet, bright and creamy french vanilla & salted almond center from naturally infused olive oil and vinegar.Macadamia Raspberry Bar: Dried raspberries and macadamia nuts grace the top of this organic 66% dark chocolate bar. Kaffir lime adds a taste of the unexpected, resulting in a deliciously cohesive flavor experience.

Pistachio Cranberry: Organic 66% dark chocolate marries well with the satisfying crunch of pistachios, the fruity sweetness of dried cranberries and the added bonus of flakes of fleur de sel.

Berry Bar: Blueberries + Cherries + Blackberries. Who says chocolate can’t be good for you? We pair our 66% dark chocolate, already loaded with antioxidants, with fruits chock full of antioxidants for a bar that you can feel good about eating.

Ginger Orange: Organic 66% dark chocolate is topped with housemade honey crystallized ginger, housemade candied orange peel and coriander. The sharp taste of ginger is tempered by the rich, sweetness of the chocolate. An instant favorite for ginger lovers!

Spicy Cherry: Sweet cherries get a kick from cayenne pepper and cocoa nibs add a crunch to this addictive sweet & spicy bar made with organic 66% cacao. 

Pink Bar: The familiar flavor of strawberries marries well with the floral note of rose petals. Pink peppercorns add a subtle element of surprise to this 66% dark chocolate bar.

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